Yumo Tours Ethiopia
Location: Omo National Park, Ethiopia

Omo National Park, Ethiopia’s largest and possibly most beautiful national park covers 4068 square kilometres of wilderness where the Omo River flows into Lake Turkana, and which is home to an amazing range of wildlife. Yumo Tours can arrange Safari expeditions to Omo National Park where you will be most likely to find large herds of Eland, some Buffalo, Elephants, Giraffe, Cheetah, Lion, Leopard, and Burchell’s Zebra, and some of the 306 bird species endemic to this area.

An Area of Special Palaeo-Anthropological Interest

Nowadays the Omo Valley is virtually free of human habitation but is rich in palaeo-anthro-pological remains. According to scientific research done in 1982 by the University of California at Berkeley, hominid remains from the Omo Valley probably date back more than four million years.

White Water Rafting

The Omo River takes a 350 kilometer route through steep valleys, lowlands and flat bush as it makes its way into Lake Turkana. The Omo river provides opportunity for white-water rafting, especially during the post-rain high season between September and October. The river slows as it approaches the Lake, and the area is rich in wildlife.

Along the banks of the Omo River, you will find forests of tamarind and figs inhabited by colobus monkeys, herons, blue-breasted kingfishers, white-cheeked turacos, emerald spotted wood doves and other colourful bird species. Beyond the forest, hippos graze on the savannah slopes against the mountain walls, and waterbuck, bushbuck and Abyssinian ground hornbills are sometimes to be seen.

The Omo National Park has all the ingredients that make one of the world’s best river adventures, rapids, waterfalls, canyons, creeks, hot springs and exotic wildlife. Yumo Tours will ensure that you have a wonderful Ethiopian experience.