Yumo Tours Ethiopia

“Its past for us is one mass of legend concerning bygone grandeur almost impossible for us to unravel.”
– J Theodore Bent “The Sacred City of the Ethiopians” (1893)


ver a hundred years after these words were written, you will find that legend and history are still inextricably linked.

The importance of Ethiopia as a historical region is exemplified by the almost permanent settlement of areas of the country by archaeological and geological excavation compounds. ‘Human’ remains more than three million years old have been found here, together with ancient tools, cave paintings and the fossilized remains of animals. Remains of more recent civilisations still stand tall throughout the country, and the past permeates the present. From the ancient structures and stellae of Axum, capital of Sheba and the Axumite Empire, and the medieval Imperial castles of Gondar, to the romantic walled city of Harar, Ethiopia comprises a mix of historical influences, that displays the history of Ethiopia, Africa, Arabia and Europe.

Yumo Tours organise visits to what are considered the most important and fascinating historical sites in Ethiopia, on what is known as Ethiopia’s Historical Route. We can also arrange customised visits to more off-track sites, which are no less fascinating than those regularly visited.


The wild rose, the fern, the lantana, and the honeysuckle, smiled round a succession of highly cultivated terraces, and on every eminence, stood...


  • The ancient capital of Sheba
  • Park of the Stellae monuments
  • Religious centre of the Axumite Empire
  • Annual Festival of Timkat
  • Queen of Sheba’s Baths

Bahir Dar

  • Tissisat Falls
  • Secluded island monasteries
  • Ecclesiastical treasures
  • Priceless collections of icons
  • Colourful local market


  • Home of the Emperors and their castles
  • Gondar is the ‘Camelot’ of Africa.
  • Some of Ethiopia’s most fascinating antiquities
  • Palace of Emperor Fasiladas
  • Location of the Timkat (Epiphany) ceremony


Harar is a famous, walled, Muslim City, forbidden “to the French and other infidels.” Harar rose as a power centre in 1520 when a...


“The eighth wonder of the world”, Lalibela is the “New Jerusalem” built by King Lalibela “with the help of...